About Us


We are women-owned and operated.


Our liquid minerals at Elemental Research Inc. are distinguished by our rigorous purification process, which ensures ultra-pure water through four stages of reverse osmosis, ozone, UV treatment, and three stages of prefiltration. Furthermore, we ensure purity with only water and minerals added by using USP and FCC grade raw materials solely in order to retain mineral purity. We never test on animals. Compared to conventional forms, our liquid minerals offer faster absorption. As manufacturers, we manage every stage, from testing to material selection, guaranteeing the highest quality control.

Our minerals are carefully crafted to maximize their nutritious value, with the most efficient delivery process given top priority. Our focus is on liquid formulations that are designed to optimize your body's absorption and usage of nutrients. Our bodies prefers liquid minerals over traditional tablet or pill forms, so you're certain to get the most nutrients possible. We have been at the forefront of creating minerals that that bypass digestion and are cell ready Angstrom Minerals for many years.

We put your safety and satisfaction first, we avoid the use of chemicals or pasteurized preservatives to preserve the integrity of the nutrients in our liquid minerals. To avoid having our minerals linger on the shelf for too long, we manufacture smaller, fresher batches. We understand that what sets our products apart from competitors is not just the content but also the manufacturing method.

In addition, every one of our products is vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free.