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We have been getting a lot of questions about a company in Fillmore, Utah, that uses our brand name and label design. Their websites are angstrom-minerals.com and healthshop101.com.


There is no relationship between our company and Angstrom-Minerals.com, HealthShop101.com, or the business located in Fillmore, Utah. We are taking steps, including legal action, to put a stop to this confusion.


We are the manufacturers of Angstrom Minerals and have been since 2002. We are located in Mc Kenzie, Tennessee, having moved our company here from Post Falls, Idaho, in late 2022. 


Since we are not affiliated with the Utah company, we cannot speak to the efficacy of minerals purchased from that entity. We can say, however, that our brand, “Angstrom Minerals,” continues to be of the highest quality and a great value, as always.


We apologize for any inconvenience this confusion may have caused, and we hope to continue to provide to you the products you’ve come to know and trust.


What are Angstrom Minerals and how do they differ from all the other mineral supplements on the market?

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"Vitamins are the conductors that instruct the orchestra into a beautiful harmonic melody. Amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes and essential fatty acids are the musicians that follow the lead of the conductor. Minerals are the instruments necessary for the symphony. If any part of the orchestra is missing, the beautiful symphony cannot be played."

- Annette Hasalone, N.D.

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