What are Angstrom Minerals?

 “What are Angstrom Minerals and how do they differ from all the other mineral supplements on the market?”


What we are talking about is “very small” but to really understand the significance of atomic mineral supplements takes a basic understanding of biology and chemistry.  I will give you an example of how atomic minerals work in the digestive tract.  Hydrochloric Acid in the stomach is made up of primarily zinc by the body.  After the food has been digested in the stomach it turns into a liquid substance called Chyme, it is passed through the duodenum, small intestine, where the Chyme is allowed to further digest before passing further into the digestive tract.  To neutralize the Hydrochloric Acid the gallbladder, which is the storage unit for the liver and which contains sodium, calls to the body for two atoms of carbon to join with its own sodium to create sodium bi-carbonate which is used to neutralize the acid so that the Chyme can be further digested by the friendly bacteria in the intestine.  The food is broken down into its constituent parts of atomic minerals, molecules of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and other nutrients needed by the body. 


Dr. Henry Schroeder, M.D., Ph.D. Of Dartmouth College said, “your mineral needs are even more important than your vitamin needs, since your body cannot make minerals.”


Angstrom is the smallest measurable wavelength of light and used to describe the length of molecules and crystals.   The term “Angstrom” is used as a measurement to illustrate how small the particles are in the mono-atomic form.  Colloids and complex minerals are all in particle size of approximately a micron.  If you were to take a strand of human hair and cut it across the circumference and line up microns across the distance at the widest point it would hold 50 microns.  By comparison an angstrom is 10,000 times smaller than a micron.  The nature of minerals in their most elemental state is that of atoms.  Only in this state can they carry an electrical charge, either positive or negative.  The body can only take up these elements if they carry an electrical charge.  When minerals do not have an electrical charge they are locked-up and unusable.  Minerals in complex and colloidal forms are not “cell ready” as they are not able to be carried through the cell.  Why?  Because the cell is much too small to allow the micron sized particle to enter.   Cells in the body are approximately 15 angstroms in size.  It would be like attempting to fit a basketball inside of a BB.  It doesn’t matter that amino acids are added to the large particles (chelated) or that they have been ionized (charged), the cell is still too small to accept it.


In fact, because of their size complex minerals and colloid supplements are more than likely causing more harm than good.  By complex minerals I mean those like Calcium Carbonate, one calcium atom and three carbon atoms.  They are bound tightly together and because of this tight bond are practically useless to the body.  Molecular bonds the body recognizes and can break apart are the loose bonds found in plants, that is, providing that the body working to break these loose bonds has a functional digestive tract.  Most Americans do not.


Elements that are a “must” for all cells and tissues are Hydrogen and Oxygen and these two elements are essential to carry nutrients into each cell.  Hydrogen and Oxygen when molecularly bound are known as water.  Water molecules contain one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms and are 0.965 angstroms in size.  The water molecule attracts through its charges various minerals yet one water molecule can carry only one nutrient at a time.  Our bodies need minerals in their atomic form so that it may create the various substances it needs to properly function.  In a real sense our bodies are a living chemistry lab.   


Dr. Linus Pauling said, “lacking minerals, vitamins are useless”.


Vitamins, Hormones, Amino Acids, and Enzymes are all made up of and activated by minerals.  Break down an amino acid to its atomic structure and you find minerals, for example some amino acids are sulfur based.  Enzymes, such as super oxidase dismutase (SOD) is supported by zinc, iron, copper, and manganese. Vitamins are the supervisor of the construction crew. Amino Acids and Enzymes are the workers wearing the hard hats.  Minerals are the materials used for all construction.  Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Phosphorus make up the foundation of our skeletal structure. Your heart is a pump with Potassium fuel sitting in an electrically reactive solution with sodium which provides the charge for your heart to beat.  


As you can see minerals are essential to health and need to be supplied to the body in the proper form.  With the depleted soils that cause depleted plant and animal food sources we are not getting the nutrients we need from our food.  Anti-nutrients like preservatives, additives, toxins, soda pop, processed foods, pesticides, herbicides and the like are  tying up and/or stripping our body of nutrients which further necessitates the supplementation of minerals.  Supplementation of minerals to replace what is missing or being stripped out of the body has become essential for our health.