Q: How do I convert ounces to tablespoons or ppm to mg/L?

A: See our conversion chart by clicking here.



Q: What are the date stickers on the products?


A: Those are in fact, bottling (born on) dates.  We at Elemental Research, Inc. believe this is the best way to let our customers know the freshness of our products. These products generally do not expire, however, we recommend using within 2 years of the born on date.


Q: What to do if I have defective or damaged products?

A:  If your product was damaged in shipment, please make sure to contact the shipping company (UPS, FedEx, USPS) and report the damage so that we can replace your items.

If the item is defective (some products are sensitive and fall out of solution ie: Basics Evening Blend), please take a picture and email it to us with the invoice number so that we can replace or refund your product.

Q:  What are the lead times for shipping my product?

A:  If the product is in stock, most orders ship out the day after you order. Large order and special orders, generally 3-5 business days after placing your order. Pallet orders, please call for lead times.


Q:  When do I get my hair test kit when I order?

A:  Your kit will be sent separately via USPS and is not sent with your Angstrom Mineral order.