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hair-analysis2.jpgWho knew a single strand of hair could tell so much? With just a sample of your hair, Elemental Research’s hair analysis labs can determine what is happening in your body tissues via the mineral level (or lack of minerals) in your hair. Hair analysis can relate information about your overall health, metabolism and the various systems throughout your body. 

Even if you are not currently experiencing any difficulties, nutritional deficiencies can result in life-threatening conditions which can remedied easily in their early stages. As with most health issues, early detection is always the wisest course of action. 

Elemental Research stresses the importance of educating yourself regarding your body and its intricate synergies. This is why, in addition to our liquid mineral products, we also offer four different tests to give you deeper insight into your body’s current state.


1. Profile One — Laboratory Mineral Test Only :  A basic hair analysis which shows the body’s mineral levels and ratios. You are provided with a chart that identifies the patient and graphically describes the results of the test.  This does not include any consultation or personalized protocols. 

COST: $105.00 —  


2. Profile Two — Lab Test and Complete Interpretation (Recommended): Includes Profile One, plus a thorough interpretative work-up that lists trends, provides a detailed explanation of the results, along with vitamin and mineral supplement recommendations and compares significant mineral ratios.  Includes a personalized protocol and consultation. 

COST: $165.00 —  


3. Profile Three — Progress Test and Comparison Analysis  :  A complete re-testing of the patient's mineral levels to check changes in body biochemistry since the previous test. Modifications to the vitamin and mineral program are suggested where there has been significant progress.  Because our recommendations are quite specific, we stress that Progress Tests be done each 8-12 weeks after initial analysis.  This Test includes updated protocol and consultation. 

COST: $135.00 — 



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