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Angstrom Minerals

Silica 32oz. - Liquid Mineral

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Angstrom Minerals - Silica 32 oz

700 mg/L = 700 ppm

Liquid Silica Mineral
Ionic Silica
Cell Ready Silica
Water Soluble Silica


Silica is known as a beautifying mineral and there are also many health benefits associated with it. It not only causes the strengthening of connective tissues and bones, but is also useful in taking care of nails, hair and skin. The health benefits of silicon also play a vital role in the prevention of atherosclerosis, insomnia, skin disorders and tuberculosis.


Health Benefits of Silica. Silica is sometimes called the "beauty mineral" because it improves skin elasticity and hair and nail growth. Silica helps ensure collagen elasticity of all connecting tissues in the body, including tendons and cartilage. This reduces aches and pains and maintains your body's flexibility. It has also been determined that high levels of blood serum silica keep arterial plaque from building and clogging blood vessels.


  • Aids In Hair, Skin And Nail Health
  • Supports Elasticity Of Connective Tissues
  • Relieves Aches And Pains



Silica is found in all of the tissues, especially the resistive tissue such as the skin, dura mater, fascia, hair, nails and tendons.

Silica Functions in the Body:

  • Increases vigor, energy and strength
  • Is found in all tissues, especially the resistive tissue
  • Reinforces walls, linings, ligaments, membranes, nails and hair
  • Increases alkalinity of the body
  • Helps in transfer of nerve impulses
  • Aids in retention of electricity and body heat






Of all the minerals important for good health, silica is by far the most underrated and misunderstood mineral of all. It is the seventh most prevalent element in human tissue after calcium. Silica to be essential in collagen formation and connective tissue strength. Collagen is the tough fibrous material which holds us together and is the major component of everything from our bones to our skin. Supplementation with this essential element may improve or alleviate many of the following diverse symptoms:

Calcium deposits on bone, in joints, and in soft tissues (calcium mismanagement).
Teeth and gum disease, and structural failure.
Gastrointestinal problems such as acid indigestion, acid reflux, and Crohn's disease.
Arthritis symptoms primarily associated with osteoarthritis.
Osteoporosis - silica helps the body deposit calcium into bone rather than into areas it shouldn't be. More importantly, silica helps maintain proper bone collagen levels; giving bones greater flexibility.
Arteriosclerosis - studies have shown that hardened arteries are high in calcium and low in silica. Healthy, flexible arteries are high in silica and low in calcium.
Skin, hair and nail disorders.


This is a diverse list, yet there is a common thread running through them all: proper collagen production.


Elemental Research Inc.
Angstrom Minerals
3" x 9.75" x 3" inches (WxHxD)
Bottle Size:
32 oz.
700 mg/L
Available Sizes:
32 oz.

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