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Liquid Sulfur Mineral
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Health Benefits of Sulfur. Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in the body, about half concentrated in your muscles, skin and bones, and is essential for life. Sulfur makes up vital amino acids used to create protein for cells and tissues and for hormones, enzymes, and antibodies. Sulfur is needed for insulin production, Sulfur detoxifies at the cellular level and relieves pain, builds flexible cells in the arteries and veins - the opposite of "hardening of the arteries.

  • Aids In Creation Of Proteins
  • Supports Insulin Production
  • Promotes Detoxification At The Cellular Level
  • Supports Healthy Cardio-Vascular System

Sulfur is known as a healing mineral. This element is necessary for developmental and neurological processes. It is necessary for collagen synthesis. Sulfur detoxifies the body and increases blood circulation, reduces muscle cramps and back pain, removes inflammation, permits muscles to heal, increases energy and helps the liver produce choline.

Sulfur Functions in the Body:

  • Element in the nerves and myelin sheath
  • Promotes flow of bile
  • Regulates the brain and heart
  • Stimulates reproductive processes
  • Promotes healthy skin, nails and hair
  • Lubricant between the joints





Sulfur is known as a healing mineral.  An average person contains about 4 ounces of sulfur in the body.  Sulfur has great influences upon the liver, bile secretions and aids in the production of protoplasm.  Sulfur affects every cell and through agitation enables the cell to eliminate toxic substances.  Sulfur is necessary for developmental and neurological processes.  

"A proper reserve of sulfur insures uniform temperature and regulates nerve impulses, but too much or too little sulfur upsets the functions of the body."*1

Sulfur is an oil in its pure form; it is the flexible bond that holds your cells together making your skin look good without wrinkles.  Sulfur also is the lubricant found between the joints.  Before your body can use you need Vitamin C.

It is believed that the Lorenzo's oil as described in the movie "Lorenzo's Oil" had a sulfur base.  It is said that sulfur oil is the ingredient that repairs the Myelin Sheath.  Damage to the Myelin Sheath causes the shaking condition in palsy, multiple sclerosis, Lorenzo's disease and many other disease conditions, where there are uncontrollable motor functions.

A deficiency of sulfur can lead to a variety of conditions ranging from skin irritations and rashes to total breakdown of cellular regeneration.  "It is found in hemoglobin and in all body tissues, and is needed for the synthesis of collagen, a principal protein that gives the skin its structural integrity."*2  For instance, have you ever wondered why your pets like to go out and chew on the grass, or scratch consistently yet don't have fleas, these are signs that your pets are deficient in sulfur.  The consistent scratching is an attempt to relieve the pain caused by a loss of nutritional sulfur, which provided the flexible bond in the skin tissue and has now resulted in dry brittle skin.  It is also why caged birds pull out their feathers.  Caged birds pull out feathers in an attempt to relieve the pain of dry cracking skin.

Nutritional sulfur is required by many functions of the body.  "..required for proper digestion, metabolism of carbohydrates, influences liver, promotes bile secretion, regulates nerve impulses, cell formation, essential in the stimulation of egg and sperm production, without sulphur babies could not be born or chickens hatched."*3 For instance,  the production of insulin requires sulfur in its molecular structure and numerous other proteins.  Protein catalyst and enzymes incorporate sulfur into their molecular framework.  Proper protein synthesis can only be achieved with sulfur that maintains the correct molecular framework for soft and connective tissue throughout the human body.

Proper sulfur levels are useful in protecting the body when exposed to radiation.  Individuals with symptoms of pain and inflammation associated with various musculoskeletal system disorders including arthritis report substantial and long-lasting relief.  A combination of sulfur and vitamin C reported a greater benefit; this combination was especially useful in correcting leg cramps as in athletes who experience severe leg cramps during sports activities.  Migraine sufferers also have obtained substantial relief while arthritic patients report relief from pain and stiffness as well as reduced swelling and inflammation.

Individuals with chronic to severe allergies to environmental materials such as house dust, pollen, wool, animal hair, feathers and other diverse allergies have reported substantial to complete relief of their symptoms.   Allergy symptoms ranged from respiratory congestion to inflammation, itching, mucoid discharges and general discomfort.

Sulfur is further necessary for collagen synthesis.  Sulfur detoxifies the body and increases blood circulation, reduces muscle cramps and back pain, removes inflammation, permits muscles to heal, increases energy alertness, mental calmness and the ability to concentrate.  



Elemental Research Inc.
Angstrom Minerals
3" x 9.75" x 3" inches (WxHxD)
Bottle Size:
32 oz.
6,000 mg/L
Available Sizes:
16 oz. and 32 oz.

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